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Your Gateway to Stock Market Mastery

At Maan Trading Academy, where we believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to conquer the dynamic world of the stock market. Introducing "Prarambh," our comprehensive stock market education course designed to kickstart your journey into the exciting realm of trading and investing.


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If you do not like Programme you can withdraw your admission after the first 3 sessions.


₹ 4999/- ( Including GST )

Technical Analysis Basics to Price Action Mastery

Embark on your trading journey with "Prarambh" by Maan Trading Academy, where beginners find a pathway to generate additional income from the stock market. This foundational level introduces you to essential concepts like trend analysis, top and bottom analysis, and candle psychology. You'll learn to identify swings and momentum shifts, paving the way for effective price action trading. Discover the importance of supportive indicators and explore favorite trading setups of MTA trainers. Whether you're interested in scalping, intraday, positional trading, or long-term investing across equity, index, commodity, or currency markets, this level lays the groundwork for your trading success.
  • Trend Analysis.

  • Top and Bottom Analysis

  • Candle Psychology

  • Swing and Momentum Identification

  • Price Action Trading

  • Use of Supportive Indicator

  • MTA Trainers' Favourite Trading Setups

  • Scalping, Intraday, Positional Trading and Investing

  • Equity, Index, Commodity, Currency Trading

Future and Options Mastery

Delve deeper into the world of derivatives trading with Maan Trading Academy's "Future and Option Mastery" course. Designed for traders seeking advanced strategies, this program equips you with the knowledge and skills to navigate futures and options markets effectively. Explore intricate concepts such as option Greeks, volatility trading, and advanced spread strategies. Learn how to analyze and capitalize on market trends, using futures and options to hedge risks and maximize profits. Whether you're a seasoned trader or looking to elevate your trading game, this course offers invaluable insights and techniques for mastering futures and options trading.
  • Future and Option Basic
  • Open Interest Interpretation
  • Option Chain Analysis
  • Option Greek Analysis
  • Future Hedging and Margin Benefits Trading Strategies
  • Options Credit and Debit Strategies
  • What is Hedging, Pledging, Roll Over, Roll Under, MTM etc.. in Detail
  • Mind and Money Management

Market Maping with Advance Technical

Master market mapping with advanced Elliott Wave Theory techniques. Learn to identify wave patterns, understand market structure, and forecast price movements confidently. This course provides practical strategies for integrating Elliott Wave Theory with other technical analysis tools to enhance your trading strategy across various asset classes."
  • Corrective and Motive Patterns Identification
  • How to Catch Big and Fast Move
  • Mass Psychology of Market
  • Market Top and Bottom Fishing
  • Identify Big Reversal in Advance

Understanding of Stock Market

Learn the ins and outs of technical analysis to confidently understand and analyze market trends.

Smart Decision-Making

Get skilled in spotting market patterns for making smart decisions in different market situations.

Adaptable Trading Styles

Explore various trading styles, from quick trades to long-term investments, so you can adapt to different market conditions.

Future & Options Expertise

Gain advanced knowledge in futures and options, including strategies that give you an advantage in trading derivatives.

Risk Management Skills

Learn essential techniques for managing your mindset and risks, ensuring a disciplined approach to trading and protecting your investments.

Career Opportunities

Acquire skills that open up job opportunities in the financial markets, setting you on a path to success in the trading industry.

Community Connection

Connect with like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration and continuous learning in a supportive environment.

Mission Accomplished

Be part of the mission (#Sikhega Bharat) to educate and empower Bharat, contributing to the growth of knowledge and skills in the Indian trading community.


₹ 4999

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